[Torrance] [French] Inaba Steak House - 美味和風牛排午餐

這次造訪The Steak House已經正式更名為"I-Naba Steak House", 增加了品牌的辨識度. 上一次的造訪中, 最後主廚邀請我們來品嘗他們的全新午餐套餐, 這次終於有機會跟朋友一起來品嘗他們的午餐. 到達的時候天氣十分的好, 是十一月難得的一個大熱天(約98F/36C), 也是我第一次在白天造訪這間餐廳. 天空藍的讓人心情也霍然開闊.
Lunch Menu的定價也遠比晚餐更加平易近人, 只要$15就可以吃到一客主餐加上甜點以及飲料.
中午也有供應A5等級的Wagyu Beef (最高等級, 從日本空運進口), 約$35/ 3oz.
Cream of Corn Soup - 另外加點的湯 ($3 supplement with lunch menu)
跟晚餐一樣的麵包, 熱騰騰的十分美味
6oz Angus Skirt Steak, Medium Rare

牛肉雖然不是最高級的Wagyu Steak,可是還是十分的嫩 (不過這個部位的牛肉有肉筋). 加上了他們自製的牛排醬汁, 酸甜的果香醬汁更能顯現牛肉本身的鮮甜.
最後的甜點是今天的敗筆. 我們之前兩次來的甜點都十分美味, 不過今天的甜點是好看不好吃, 表皮太乾吃起來有種不知如何入口的感覺, 我覺得餐廳能提供冰淇淋就是一個安全又美味的選擇.

I promised the manager on my birthday dinner that I would return to try their lunch offering and give them a proper review, so here I am.

Inaba's lunch menu is somewhat different than their dinner menu. Japanese Wagyu Steak is still here ($35, cheaper than dinner), there are more "cheaper" steaks during lunch hours (Skirt steak, NY steak, Angus grade) vs the high end courses meal and mouth watering seafood. Lunch menu focus more on simple pasta dishes, salads, and soup on top of the steaks, at a much more affordable prices (daily special set for $15 USD). However, their quality did not compromise with the price. You still get the high quality food with finest ingredients, excellent services at much faster rate of serving food (because its lunch, not dinner) and most importantly, cheaper than dinner!

We ordered the Cream of Corn Soup ($3 supplement), which was very rich and creamy. Angus Grade Skirt Steak, which was cooked to our liking. Beef was very tender and juicy. House special sauce is still da bomb. It makes the beef even more tender and flavorful (thanks to red wine). The bread is still warm and fluffy (You can't go wrong with their wheat/grain bread).

The dessert we received was a bit disappointment. It was a bit dry but still acceptable. I still prefer their ice cream more. That Honey Yogurt ice cream is worth coming back for. You also get a cup of tea/coffee with lunch special menu too.

I would highly recommend this place to friends and colleagues. I can't wait to return!

2933 Rolling Hills Rd
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 891-2333


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