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Santa Monica三街附近有數不清的餐廳, 可是要找到一間價格比較親民, 味道又好吃的卻是一個難題. 這裡有許多餐廳有美麗的裝潢, 卻提供著不太美麗的餐點. 這一間餐廳融合了法式料理的精華加上當季的時令食材, 算是一間值得品嘗的餐廳.
挑高的用餐空間讓人用餐時不會有壓迫感, 餐廳的各個角落都可以看到長頸鹿的裝飾品參雜其中.
首先登場的是主廚贈送的前菜, 蘑菇卡布奇諾湯, 湯清味鮮, 一喝了就讓人期待接下來的餐點.
接下來是隨餐點附贈的麵包, 主要有兩種, 不過麵包吃起來沒有特色, 奶油也是現成品, 需要加強.
Portabella Tower with Cana de Carbra - Grilled Eggplant, Spanish Goat Cheese, Roasted Peppers, Wild Arugula, Balsamic Mushroom Reduction
Hudson Valley Foie Gras and Crispy Potato Wrapped Big Eye Ahi Tuna - 鵝肝香滑, 馬鈴薯也令人驚艷
烤過的馬鈴薯吃起來香酥, 還帶有一種獨特的香氣, 中心的鵝肝更是這道菜的精華所在. 外圍的Big Eyed Tuna能夠換成鮪魚肚的話, 會更加的美味.
John Dory - Truffle Braised French Fingerling Potatoes, Artichokes, Vouvray Sauce.
味道清淡的白身魚, 肉質新鮮, 松露醬汁的香氣完全融入在魚肉中. 醬汁沾麵包也十分的美味.
Filet of Beef - White Asparagus Puree, Grapes, Celery Root, Whole Grain Mustard, Madiera-Beef Jus
菲力牛排側切面完全沒有筋, 上面覆蓋的黑胡椒更是增添牛排的香氣, 與他們的紅酒Madiera Dressing 相得益彰.
Eggplanet-Spinish-Ricotta Ravioli - 這一道素食餐點相比起來就比較普通, 就是很單純的番茄醬風味.

Chocolate Halsey with Caramel Mousse
Lisa's Cookie Platter - 各種不同種類的手工餅乾
Caramelized Banana Cream Pie - 外表就十分討喜的香蕉派. 上層是由麥芽糖覆蓋至香蕉片上, 烤至酥脆, 中間是他們的自製奶油.

We visited this restaurant during the DineLA Restaurant Week. We were quite pleased with the value that it presents, and the quality of food it delivered. I think this restaurant provided better dishes than other Michelin Star Rated restaurants in LA area.

The restaurant decor is warm and inviting. The high ceiling makes the dining room more spacious than it is. The servers were friendly yet attentive. Very knowledgeable for his food and made proper recommendations for our party.

The meal first came with the Amuse Bouche "Mushroom Cappuccino" which is mushroom soup topped with foams. The soup was mushroom based and it was a nice start.

We received two different types of bread with butter. I hope they can improve the quality of bread. It was very bland and the butter is not home made. A restaurant at this calibur should deliver better qualtiy bread & butter, even if its complimentary.

Our First Course was the Big Eye Ahi Tuna with Hundson Valley Foie Gras wrapped in a potato shell. Fresh Tuna, Creamy Foie Gras and I actually liked the fact that they wrapped with the potato skin (they roasted before serving). I wish the Tuna is blue fin tuna which goes better with the foie gras ( more creamy, better to bite).

My friend tried the Portabella Mushroom Salad, which he thinks is very delicious as well.

Our Second Course consists of all three types of dishes. My friend's John Dory with Truffle Sauce is excellent. Fresh white fish with light creamy truffle sauce. I think the sauce actually goes very well with the bread than the butter that they provided. Another dish of choice is the Ravoli with Egg plants in Tomato Sauce (Vegetarian) which was hearty, but I am not a fan of pure vegetarian dish.

My main course was the filet mignon with black pepper seasoning. It was nicely cooked medium rare and the portion is actually enough for me. It also had sides including julienne celery root, grapes (in halves), white asparagus puree in Madara wine sauce. The celery root actually tasted a bit like horseradish and I don't know why they put grapes in it. However, this dish was my favorite of the the three.

The dessert we ordered all three to share. We all liked the Cookie platter but wish it can be more (different varities of cookies). There is also a chocolate mousse which consists of high quality dark chocolate mousse. Creamy and not very heavy. Mine was the Banana cream pie. Their caramalized bananas were beautifully presented and yet delicious. The custard cream was creamy and not too heavy. However, I wish the crust can be more "flaky"

I think this place is a decent place to have a nice dinner date without burning tons of money even you are not here during the dineLA week . Make sure to make reservation early and there are plenty meter/street/lot parkings nearby


502 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 917-6671

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