[Los Angeles] [Brunch] Little Next Door - 法式有機輕食餐廳

在洛杉磯強調使用有機蔬菜的餐廳比比皆是, 可是真的能做到好吃的卻是屈指可數. 因為一般人的舌頭其實並無法吃出有機蔬菜跟一般蔬果的差別, 我們只能從那昂貴的菜單上看到"This is Organic food, we are paying more organic money for it". 這一間Little Next Door 強調他們餐廳的餐點都是採用有機蔬菜, 每天現做的麵包還有自製的蛋糕, 果醬等等, 是一間很評價頗高的法式輕食餐廳.

他們餐廳隔壁就是系出同門的Little Door餐廳, 是許多好萊塢明星會出沒的地方, 情調相當的好.
室內裝潢的就像法國咖啡屋一樣, 空間不大可是感覺很溫馨.
冰櫃裡擺設著今天現做的甜點蛋糕, 具網友提供的資料說他們有販賣鵝肝馬卡龍(Foie Gras Macaroon), 不過我這次來並沒有看到.
隨餐附贈的麵包 - 他們的法國麵包真的是外酥內軟, 還有濃濃奶油香, 不用沾橄欖油都很好吃.
Croque Monsieur with Egg, Sunny Side Up - 這道菜是他們的早餐招牌之一, 全麥麵包上面加上火腿, 起司焗烤後, 再加上一顆蛋.
French Hams Egg Benedict with Green Salad - 班尼特蛋是我在吃早餐的時候必點的一道菜. 我認為這道菜可以測試出餐廳的水準在哪裡. 醬汁是否香濃? 雞蛋有沒有煮得過熟? 火腿的香味, 口感好不好入口? 還有最下面的麵包 (有些店是用English Muffin/Pancake代替)的口感如何?

他們的Egg Benedict 達到了我的要求. 尤其值得一提的是他們的火腿與他們的麵包. 他們的火腿口感相當好, 吃起來非常順口, 不會像有些店販賣的火腿吃起來有碎碎的口感.
他們的麵包吃起來好像是用蜂蜜蛋糕一樣, 微甜又有點奶油的鹹香氣, 外酥內軟十分容易入口. 整體感十分美味.
Apple Upside Down Tart - 他們的甜點也是他們的強項之一, 這個蘋果塔的蘋果酸酸甜甜也不會太乾, 加上旁邊的香草豆奶油吃起來甜得剛剛好.
Dessert of the Day - Strawberry Shortcake - 吃過許多日本名店的草莓蛋糕後, 這個草莓蛋糕就相對的沒有那麼美味, 糖粉的甜味覆蓋掉草莓的酸甜香味, 奶油也太硬了一些.

Visited here for Brunch, I have to say this place serves one of the best Sunday brunch in town. They truely recreated the bistro scene from France. The ambience is very casual yet comfortable. You see lots good looking people eating here or buying pastries to go.

Once we were seated, I immediately noticed that my server speak real European Accent English (French accent to be exact). Wow, talking about real hardcore French atmosphere here! However, he did not deliver good service thus only 4 stars were given. His coworkers were much more friendier and delivered our stuff for us precisely.

Their complimentary French bread was good! I wish they could've give me butter instead of the olive oil tho.

We ordered the Egg Benedict and Croque Monsieur with Egg, Sunny Side Up. They both taste good. I love my French ham & egg benedict. Cooked to perfection with the aroma from the sauce and ham. YUMMM.. Not to mention how wonderful their toast are. Although it is not English muffin, but I think I can tolerate that! They both comes with Organic salad which was nice but nothing to write home about.

Desserts is one of their strong part. I did not see the Foie Gras Macaroon as others mentioned. We ordered the tart of the day (apple upside down tart) and the cake of the day (strawberry shortcake). They were both delicious, but not as mind blowing as others mentioned.

I think this is a great place for breakfast and maybe for dinner too. I will definitely return.

However, parking around this area is pain in the butt, I wish they can have some free parking available nearby the restaurant.

Little Next Door

8142 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 951-1010

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Catherine Wei 提到...

looks soooo NICE

Kenny 提到...

is it pretty nice! LA definitely need more restaurants with characteristics!

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