[Torrance] [Japanese] Teri's Place - 經濟實惠手工日式便當專賣店

簡單的來說, 這一間店就是所謂的local favorite. 並沒有太多的裝潢, 餐廳所在地的車潮也並不多, 位在一個很容易讓人忽略的地方. 也就是這樣, 有實力的店家 (或者是老闆錢多)才能生存下去. 這間Teri's Place就是主打日式手工便當. 非常簡單美味的餐點擄獲了附近上班族的胃口.
Menu Item
Teri's Special Combo ($7.50) - 炸雲吞, 炸日式可樂餅, 炸雞排, 和風醬烤雞, 和風醬烤牛排, 還有冰冷清脆的沙拉. 簡單卻不馬虎的餐點, 可以感受他們的用心. 熱食有熱氣, 醬汁也是剛剛從冰箱拿出來的. 他們的東西就是簡單, 好吃.

This is a classic example of neighborhood hidden gem. This bento place is located in a run down strip mall on Artesia & Van Ness. From exterior, you will question if the food is good or not (Decoration is slim to none). However the place is clean and simple.

Not too many items to pick from. However, I tried Teri's Special. Which consists most of the popular items that they offered. From fried dumpling, Fried Croquette, fried chicken cutlet, grilled teriyaki beef and chicken, ice crisp salad. Total of 6 items for $7.50.

I highly recommended their marinated beef and chicken. The sauce was good, perfectly blended into the meat and they grilled to perfection.

Very friendly service here, no attitude. You can call ahead to place order.

Cash Only. As they are very small Mom & Pop Shop.

Teri's Place

2140 Artesia Blvd
Torrance, CA 90504
(310) 327-2006


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