[Las Vegas] [Buffet] Wicked Spoon Buffet - 賭城吃到飽自助餐總介紹 Part 4 (中英對照版)

伴隨著Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Hotel & Casino開幕的的附屬自助餐餐廳 "Wicked Spoon". 這間餐廳的定位走高級路線, 他們也如其名般, 利用各種形狀各異的湯匙在餐點擺設上, 力求以小盤, 精緻化的餐點與其他賭城自助餐廳做區隔. 除此之外, 他們也是少數五星級飯店自助餐中唯一會清場的 (L.O. 2:30pm for lunch). 不過我對於他們的餐點, 服務上卻是滿有意見的, 不知道是餐廳剛開幕的關係還是策略/人力調派上有問題, 自排隊入場我們就換了三次cashier才付錢進場 (第一個電腦出問題, 第二個排到的時候說他要去lunch break, 第三個才讓我們付錢), 這種問題他們的supervisor都因該在第一時間處理卻並沒有處理, 給我很不好的第一印象. 還有他們在進場前也沒有主動告知清場的資訊, 希望大家看完這篇能夠得到一些幫助, 不會遇到我們遇到的不好經驗.
挑高的用餐空間, 華麗的裝潢, 看的出來業主的用心. 餐廳也主動提供氣泡水, 這點與其他餐廳略有不同.
在餐點上, 因為擺設的因素, 看起來餐點都有點空空蕩蕩的擺在盤子上等客人領取, 失去了buffet應有的"豐盛"感.
他們的湯只有區區一種, 賣相也不是太好.
放在鍋子裡加溫的菜餚, 讓人看了失去了食慾.
Cheese Tray
肉也是事前切好的, 號稱高檔次的午餐Buffet只提供了香腸, 烤豬肉, Roast Beef, 略顯寒酸.
Salad Station, 這裡的沙拉是一份一份弄好的, 不過他們也沒有及時補滿, 上面也沒有菜名.
Grilled dishes - 大部分都是青菜澱粉類餐點.
Asian Station
這裡也是一些罐頭橄欖, 馬鈴薯泥湊數, 都沒有人拿.
Risotto 也是擺了很久都沒人動..空蕩蕩的buffet.
Pizza & Panini
Rost Beef 拿完了換成Grilled Kalbi
還有台式掛包, 不過冷掉之後難以下嚥.
現做的手捲大約只提供到2:15pm, 之後廚師就不見了
這裡的中式點心有燒賣, 蝦餃, 小籠包. 雖然離美味有些距離, 不過在他們提供的菜色中, 已經算是比較好吃的餐點了.
甜點區是他們的強項, 種類繁多而且口味都不錯.

Ice Cream還是 Studio B Buffet的最好吃.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry 是他們最值得吃的甜點, 甜美多汁的大草莓, 來這裡一定要吃看看
Food presentation

他們的服務生工作量非常大, 因為盤子都很重, 而且他們都不能用推車來收拾, 所以他們動作比其他自助餐廳慢了許多, 在我們用餐的時候, 也親眼目睹到了服務生摔盤子的畫面.

結論是, 這間餐廳適合愛嘗鮮的朋友, 他們的餐點就是沒有特別好吃的, 也沒有特別難吃的. 不過以這個價位來說, 她們與她們的競爭對手 (Wynn Buffet, Bellagio Buffet, Aria Buffet), 還有一段很長的路要走.

Wicked Spoon Buffet

3708 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 698-7000

This is the newest buffet in town (2010), new concept (Foods were presented in small 'Spoons'). However, the food quality itself and customer service still have lots areas that needs to be improved.

1. Whoever directed us to cashiers needs to know when her fellow coworkers are going on lunch break. When you direct customers to a queue, you better know your cashier is not closing down the counter for her own break, or the result is the angry customers redirected line to another cashier while waiting behind the people whose originally behind you in line.

2. Waiter/Customer ratio. I feel bad for the staffs that work here. They have to carry alot of the heavy plates and I did witness some girl dropped the glass bottles (bye bye to part of her wage?). I agree with other posters that we hardly get our plates removed. It is easier to push our plates onto other people's table when they are gone than waiting for our waiter to remove them. Our waiter forgot to bring some of our drinks during the first round, and we had to ask others to refill our drink because we just don't see him very often. However, when we can grab someone to help, they were glad to help.

3. Food availability. I know this place is trying to be different. They cut lunch at 3pm. But the food seems to be disappear starting from 2:15pm. They have a set quota of food that would be offered during lunch hours. After the amount of food that's consumed., then it is gone. For example, sushi (Cut rolls, hand rolls), crab cocktails were gone around early 2pm. You just simply can't find the chef working at the sushi station no more after 2:15pm. They just remove the plate completely. The lady works at the crab stations were trying to find some crabs for me, but there's simply no more. (Yes this is a buffet but you are telling me, sorry, no more food - What a JOKE). If you guys have set quota of food available, you should be better off a la carte instead of buffet.

4. Food taste - Everything tastes very, very average, nothing Wowed me. It is one of those places that you go in, you come out, and you don't remember what is good about it. By the way, their Asian Station is bad, I highly recommend them to improve the taste of the food that they offer and they need to clean the counter more frequently. I have seem that slice of Korean BBQ beef been hanging on the counter (instead of the plate/bowl where its suppose to belong) during the duration of my visit.

5. Dessert tastes alright. Small dishes concept, their chocolate dipped strawberry are the highlight of the entire buffet. Everything else tastes pretty average at best.

Since this place is still NEW (opened less than 2 weeks). I give a 3* rating instead of the 1-2 star rating and as I would. However, until further improvements have been made on service and food, I do not recommend nor I will go back to this buffet for the price and the "Super luxury" buffet that they claimed themselve to be.


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